Catharina “Dd” Budiharto

Catharina “Dd” Budiharto is the founder and President of Cyber Point Advisory and is an experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).  She is highly regarded and widely connected among cybersecurity professionals in the U.S.  In addition to her many achievements, she’s been awarded and recognized as one of the most influential women in cybersecurity “2022 Cybersecurity DIVAS (Driven, Inspirational, Visionaries, Action-oriented, in Security),” and as a “2018 Influencer in Cybersecurity" by SC Magazine.

Dd has been in the cybersecurity trenches for over 30 years with the last 19 years working in various global oil and gas organizations.  She is the past chair of the American Petroleum Institute (API) IT Security Subcommittee.  Dd has many passions, and among them are enhancing the cybersecurity postures in the supply chains and developing the next generations CISOs especially for women and minorities.  She is a mentor for interns and individuals who are interested in establishing and expanding their careers and roles in cybersecurity.

In her capacity, Dd has developed information security programs and strategies from the ground up, as well as transforming information security practices into a next-generation program that is up against advanced, state-sponsored cyber-attacks.

She is a governing body member, speaker, and moderator for numerous cyber security events, organizations, and universities.

She serves as an advisory board for several universities and for Lean In Network Energy (LINE).  Dd is active in the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion initiatives.

Chief Information Security Officer




Multiple years of experience and skills from startup and emerging companies to large and global organizations.



Can be engaged as an interim, part-time, on-demand, short or long-term basis AND costs much less than an in-house, full-time CISO.


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Focus on specific goals & deliverables to reduce time waste, saving the organization money.